When are games played?

We have teams that compete in the boys/mixed and girls competition on Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesday Girls  Senior teams play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Saturday and Sunday game times are usually dependent on the age group entered with the youngest teams commencing at 8.00am. Games are scheduled at 45 minute intervals throughout the day.

When and where do we practice?

Training sessions are held at the Waverley Basketball Stadium and Parkhill Primary School on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Once selected in a team, attendance is compulsory to maintain team selection. Training is of an hour duration and will commence from 4:00pm over 2 sessions ending at 6.30PM.

Only registered members of the Club can participate in training and the Club cannot be responsible for children who do not have adequate parental supervision.

How much does it cost? 

The committee prior to the start of each season determines registration fees. The fees are inclusive of all Club costs such as registration, training, game day score sheets and trophies, but not uniforms. Full details on fees can be found in the online registration link on this web site.

Admittance fee for players and spectators are included in the registration fees.

Where do I get my uniform?

Uniforms are purchased through the Club.  Please contact uniforms@timberwolvesbball.club to make a purchase. Payment can be made online on the club's website. The Club also from time to time, will make available for purchase items such as T-shirts and Windcheaters emblazoned with the Club name and logo. 

How long does the season run?

Basketball is a sport that can be played all year round. The year is divided into two seasons with a summer and a winter competition. The season is normally based on school terms with the summer season being played during term 4 and term 1 and the winter season during terms 2 and 3.  

Each season commences with grading games, which evaluate the competitiveness of the team in the grade in which they have been entered. Sometimes teams move up or down a grade at the completion of the grading games.

Where do we play?

Games are played mainly at the Waverley Basketball Stadium located on the corner of Power Avenue and Batesford Road, Chadstone. Some games are played at External venues : Oakleigh Recreation Centre, , Ashburton Primary,